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Make These Yoga Exercises Part of Your Daily Routine

seniors doing yoga

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle is by incorporating yoga into your daily routine. And you’re never too old to begin yoga. Yoga for seniors is an excellent way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can help improve your body, mind and overall wellness.

Yoga is Beneficial

Recent studies show the practice of yoga slows the aging process and helps improve brain function. In addition, yoga exercises can help seniors who have a variety of health concerns, including:

  • Reducing joint pain and inflammation
  • Improving flexibility and circulation
  • Strengthening bones and increasing bone density
  • Building strength and improving posture to help reduce chronic pain
  • Building core strength and increasing spinal flexibility to help relieve back pain
  • Strengthening the muscles around joints to relieve ligament injuries
  • Reducing stiffness and improving balance
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing stress, which promotes better sleep

If you’re new to yoga, you can begin with the basics in your home. These simple poses are some of the best beginning yoga exercises if you’re over 65. For those who are a little unsteady on their feet, try chair yoga poses. Chair poses are also a great way to add stretching to your routine while you’re watching TV.

Best Beginning Yoga Exercises for Older Adults

1. Chair Pose. Stand with your back against the wall and your feet hip-width apart. Slowly slide down the wall, knees bent, until your upper thighs are parallel to the floor as if you were sitting in a chair. Pull in your stomach and put your arms out in front of you. Hold and then slowly slide up the wall and stand.

2. Warrior 1. Stand with feet about hip-width apart. Keep your right foot in place and bend your right knee while placing your left foot about three feet behind you, pointing your toes out to the left. Raise both arms up near your ears and look up. Take three deep breaths, lower your arms and return to the original standing position. Repeat on the other side.

3. Bird Dog. Kneel on all fours, then stretch one arm forward and the opposite leg back. Pull your belly button tight against your spine and hold for a breath. Switch sides and repeat.

4. Chair High Altar Side Leans. Sit on a straight-back chair, feet together. Lift your arms in front of you and lace your fingers. Straighten your arms above your head while turning your palms to the ceiling. Lean to the right for three breaths, straighten, and then lean to the left for three breaths.

5. Assisted Neck Stretch. Sit on a straight-back chair. Drape your right arm over your head, placing your palm on your left ear. Let your head move to your right shoulder and hold for five breaths. Repeat on the other side.

Getting Started with Yoga

Yoga is an excellent choice for an exercise routine because it generally requires no special tools or equipment. You can do yoga at home or take a class. Many first-time students find it beneficial to work with an instructor and take a class to learn the best moves for their body and physical abilities.

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