Residency Agreements at Our Senior Living Community

Comparing senior living contracts

We offer two contract options for incoming independent living residents.

The best choice for you depends on your financial situation.

  • The Traditional Refund Plan includes an abundance of amenities and services at a lower entrance fee. Plus, you may benefit from a significant upfront and an annual medical deduction on your tax return. Entrance fees range from $93,600 to $261,900 for singles and $101,920 to $270,220 for couples, with Monthly Fees from $3,292 to $5,867.
  • The 90% Refund Plan provides a return of 90% of the entrance fee. Should a resident move to long-term care, a 10% discount is applied to the then current per diem rate. Entrance fees for singles range from $159,100 to $445,500 with Monthly Fees from $2,532 to $5,107. Entrance fees for couples range from $171,580 to $457,980 with Monthly Fees from $3,292 to $5,867.

To learn more about our premier senior living community options, please contact us at 856-823-2133 to speak with our experienced Director of Sales and Marketing.