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10 Effective Health and Wellness Tips for Senior Men

Jun 23, 2023

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Adopting these lifestyle habits can increase male longevity and reduce disease and injury risk

During the past decade, men and women have become more proactive about protecting wellness versus reacting to diagnosed diseases. And yet, for men, the road to staying healthy and living the longest life possible is still more challenging. According to the most recent New Jersey State Health Assessment, women historically live about six years longer than men. (Data: 2020).

You can’t change genetics, but men who devote time and effort to preserving mental and physical health can reap significant benefits. In recognition of Men’s Health Month, we’ve listed 10 effective wellness tools senior men should prioritize to help ward off disease, stay fit and strong and promote positive mental health:

  1. Fulfill appointments/screenings with your dentist, medical, optical and hearing doctors.
  2. Take prescribed medications consistently.
  3. Support strong bone and muscle health to avoid falls.
  4. Exercise daily and devote time to balance strengthening movements.
  5. Eat whole foods that are made by nature, not factories.
  6. Prioritize steps to achieving quality sleep.
  7. Stay hydrated all day long.
  8. Socialize regularly with people of all ages.
  9. Be mindful of memory issues, depression or confusion and seek medical advice if needed.
  10. Commit to doing a fun activity daily and laugh out loud.
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“Important Medical Tests for Men” by CentraState Medical Center

Why Applewood is good for your health

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Applewood offers amenities to help promote positive health habits through our exclusive Engaged Living™ lifestyle, designed to fortify mind, body, and spirit.

Residents have a calendar of daily events that support physical health, emotional well-being and easy social engagement. Some residents choose to be busy from dawn to dusk, while others pick and choose a few activities and events.

Our full-service, on-site Wellness Clinic makes check-ups and common healthcare concerns quick and convenient to address—before they become more serious. Should a medical issue arise requiring physical therapy or rehabilitation, residents can easily visit our in-house Rehabilitation Center for one-on-one care and recovery services. Around-the-clock access to state-of-the-art exercise and wellness amenities supports fitness, stress reduction and socialization.

For private tour reservations to see our cottage-style homes with private garages or fully-renovated apartments, call 732-303-7416 to speak with our experienced team of senior living professionals.