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9 Best Tips for Stress-Free Moving From NY to NJ for Retirees

Aug 2, 2022

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You’ve got a lot on your plate as you consider leaving New York to start a new chapter at Applewood’s continuing care retirement community in Freehold, NJ. There are plenty of things to get done as you move your life to your new home, so we’ve compiled this list of tips to help manage the stress out of your move.

Follow these tips to lower your stress of moving from NY to NJ – Applewood Retirement Community

  1. Find a reliable real estate agent. Look for an agent who will be able to highlight the selling points of your home and to help you find the right asking price so that it can garner an offer (preferably multiple offers). Forbes magazine has a list of things to consider in a real estate agent, such as how familiar they are with your area and whether they will be available when you need them.
  2. Get your home ready to sell. Consider hiring a company to clean and stage your home so that it’s more presentable to potential buyers. Make any home repairs and cosmetic fixes that would draw the attention of would-be buyers before you have an open house. Pay attention to work that could be done outside your home to boost its curb appeal before it goes on the market.
  3. Consult a downsizer. If you’re intimidated by the prospect of decluttering a home you’ve lived in for years (or decades), consider hiring a downsizing firm that will help you get organized and prepared for your impending move. Get rid of any extra furniture or old paperwork to lessen the load that would need to be moved to your new home at Applewood.
  4. Find a new healthcare provider. Shop around to find the right primary care doctor and other specialists here in New Jersey who you are comfortable relying on for your healthcare needs. Additionally, change your pharmacy, so your access to prescriptions isn’t interrupted while moving to Applewood. CNBC suggests reviewing your Medicare coverage and researching how it might be affected by moving to another state.
  5. Change your address. Inform the U.S. Post Office of your impending move so they have ample time to start forwarding your mail to your new home at Applewood. The AARP also recommends notifying the federal agencies that run Social Security and Medicare about your address change.
  6. Talk with your financial advisor. Sit down with your financial advisor to walk through all the implications of downsizing and moving from New York to New Jersey. Have a conversation about how your move would affect the taxes you’d pay on state income taxes, sales taxes, inheritance or estate taxes, and other levies.
  7. Hire a good moving company. Find a moving company you can trust that will move your items safely and securely. Ask family and friends for recommendations about the moving companies they’ve had good experiences with. Also, check out this advice from the Better Business Bureau on how to pick a reputable moving company that will treat you with respect.
  8. Pack your most important items in a secure spot. If you have irreplaceable items, such as family heirlooms, collectibles, or other items that have sentimental or monetary value, it might be a good idea to keep those in one secure box that you bring yourself rather than relying on a moving company. That way, you’ll always know where your most treasured items are while you’re on our way from New York to Applewood.
  9. Have a housewarming party. This is a good way to keep your longtime friends and neighbors active in your life. A welcome home party offers a chance to reconnect and to invite everyone to visit you in your new Applewood home.

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