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Applewood Assisted Living & Skilled Nursing: A Thriving Lifestyle

Nov 11, 2019


The majority of our resident seniors live in our Independent Living environment.

But because we are a continuing care retirement community, we also provide active Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing departments, which embody Applewood’s exclusive Engaged Living™ mind, body and spirit lifestyle.

In these areas, which offer higher levels of care, resident experiences are designed to inspire ongoing socialization, mental stimulation and living with a positive mindset.

It’s a joy for my team and me to set the lifestyle environment here at Applewood, mainly due to the high percentage of resident participants.

Of all our daily activities, residents are most attracted to events where they can:

  1. Socialize
  2. Express their creativity

Our experiences focus on fun, learning and personal expression.

Keep in mind, movement and fitness are incorporated into most of our daily programs (passive, active, fine and gross motor skills).

You can always find us moving and grooving to upbeat music, clapping our hands, tapping our feet and swaying side-to-side daily.

As an example, I’d like to recap an overview of our recent Halloween activities.

Custom Mask-Making

Residents crafted their own customized decorative masks to wear at our annual Halloween Party. The creativity was remarkable and the exercise was a terrific experience for self-expression.

Daisy Troop 60531 Intergenerational Halloween Celebration

Sometimes residents live far from their own children and grandchildren. Our intergenerational experiences foster positive relationships between seniors and children as well as connecting the generational gap.

Daisy Troop members and parents spent the evening with residents sharing old memories, recent events and everything in between.

To the children’s delight, the event concluded with door-to-door trick-or-treating to resident apartments and rooms.

Cat Moon Paintings

Skilled Nursing residents took paint to canvas to create their own works of art, with personalized guidance from our staff art instructor, James Robinson. We are proudly displaying each resident’s interpretation of the inspirational painting they created in our Artists’ Corner for all to enjoy.

Annual Halloween & Masquerade Party

Residents and staff pulled out all the stops for this year’s afternoon Monster Bash. The energy and the music were electric as residents donned their self-designed All Hallows’ Eve masks at the Masquerade Party and we all marveled at the collective outcome of creativity.

Good fun, good friends, great day.

Learn more about the new residential Memory Care Center at Applewood.

Serving just 11 residents, The Memory Care Center at Applewood provides individualized program development for each resident.

Multi-level senior living under one roof

Assisted Living services at Applewood includes a variety of services to help ensure each resident stays active and receives the personalized attention and support that they need.

Learn more about Applewood Assisted Living: https://applewood.com/living-options/assisted-living/

It can be tricky to delineate when assisted living is necessary, or when Skilled Nursing is a more appropriate level of care.

In general, skilled nursing is a temporary situation for people recovering from hospitalization or a significant decline in health. Residents receive round-the-clock care and support for all their needs.

Learn more about Applewood Skilled Nursing: https://applewood.com/living-options/skilled-nursing/

Gain peace of mind and live life well

Most Applewood residents live independently but also know that if a health issue should ever arise, they have the peace of mind knowing that Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing assistance is there if and when they need it.

Backed by renowned healthcare specialists at nearby CentraState Health System and a staff of nurses on call 24-hours-a-day, residents and loved ones can rest assured their needs will be met in a comfortable, friendly and inspiring atmosphere.

Find out more about Applewood, a single-site retirement community, untethered from corporate mandates and impersonal, cookie-cutter modes of operation.

Call (732) 303-7416 to discuss your Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living needs with one of our senior living specialists or schedule a visit soon.