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Applewood’s New Senior Wellness Series Created for Established Residents

Jun 30, 2023

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Joyful Movements & MotionTM programs are designed to reconnect long-time residents and those who may shy away from fitness & wellness activities due to advanced aging.

Applewood’s Engaged Living™ lifestyle has long been known for offering a range of activities and amenities to help every resident thrive in mind, body and spirit. However, not all residents are equally engaged in fitness and wellness opportunities. As a result, Applewood has developed Joyful Movements & MotionTM, a new series of mind/body programs curated specifically to re-engage our residents.

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“By focusing on the inclusivity of every resident, we improve the overall well-being of our community and fulfill our goal of providing a positive and enjoyable lifestyle for everyone,” says Keith Grady, Executive Director. “Working with Courtney Paul, Engaged Living Manager, we designed four specific programs to re-engage long-time residents with our amenities and vibrant lifestyle opportunities.”

Recognizing the importance of socialization, each program’s group dynamic helps foster a sense of community and belonging. The curriculum is designed to stimulate and improve physical and cognitive enrichment, which is scientifically proven to help offset the natural decline of these functions during the normal aging process.


Joyful Movements & MotionTM targets four essential senior health and wellness assets:

  1. Enhanced mobility, balance, and coordination
  2. Increased bone mass to reduce fracture risk
  3. Brain cognition renewal to improve mental accuracy and reaction times
  4. Positive mental health outlook and mood stabilization

The 20 to 30-minute programs offer a wide spectrum of physical and mental fitness exercises designed for residents at any health or fitness level:


This 30-minute chair-based program begins with a cardio-based meditation. While participants close their eyes, they are transported by soothing nature sounds as they walk or jog through rainforests and waterfalls. Proceeding the warm-up, the program will focus on full body movement and range of motion to improve joint mobility and muscular flexibility.


This 20-minute chair-based evening program focuses on relaxing the body and mind. Performed in a dimly lit room and enhanced with the scent of calming essential oils and meditation sounds in the background. Participants will go through a calming full-body stretch from head to toe. This program is excellent for ALL fitness levels and can also contribute to reduced stress, improved mood and higher-quality sleep.


This 30-minute program can be performed seated or standing. This instructor-led dance program is an excellent cardio and full-body workout. Participants exercise their bodies and minds as they follow repeated movements. A variety of choreographed steps and movements set to uplifting music supports mind, body and spirit.


This 30-minute program, conducted by our certified Parkinson’s specialist, can accommodate both seated and standing ability levels. Large expressive movements intertwined with muscular endurance actions have been proven to improve gait, balance and flexibility. Strengthening motor coordination and hand and grip strength will be a primary movement focus.


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Applewood’s personalized and curated lifestyle aims to meet every resident’s changing needs, including those less involved in fitness and wellness activities. Our team’s collective goal is to achieve lifestyle participation by every resident in the community through all levels of care. Learn more about Engaged LivingTM, offered exclusively at Applewood: https://fellowshiplifeinc.org/applewood/lifestyle/engaged-living/