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How have senior living communities changed over the past 20 years?

Oct 2, 2023


How Have Senior Living Communities Changed Over the Past 20 Years?

Over the last 20 years or so, retirement communities have changed from being large, isolated housing developments to the exact opposite. Long before that, senior housing communities weren’t even commonplace, and it is perhaps safe to say that seniors have the most comfortable retirement community options today.

The Trends of Senior Living Over the Last 20 Years

20 years ago, senior living communities were typically fenced-in, and they were typically closed-off from the surrounding city or larger community. Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) were also not fully developed yet, and it was difficult for seniors to find a community that would let them age in place.

Today, the trends of senior living have certainly changed. Communities for seniors are now typically more open and created without fences. While the houses or apartments in the communities are about the same size, most communities generally have less housing units to make the community more intimate.

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Another big trend that we see in senior living communities today is customizability. This means that seniors can now choose their level of care or assistance, such as with independent or assisted living, and switch more easily from one level to another within the same community, especially within a CCRC.

Other big trends seen in today’s retirement communities include a rise in more dining options, more social events, and more fitness centers and classes.

What Will the Future of Senior Communities Look Like?

Senior living trend experts predict that senior communities will continue to offer options for healthy aging, such as with planned nutritious meals and regular exercise classes. CCRCs will also thrive since they offer a place for seniors to call home for many years, regardless of how much care they need or will need as they age.

Some changes that seniors may see in retirement communities in the future are the location of their communities. Unlike 20 years ago, these communities are becoming less isolated, and they are being built in urban areas that are close to stores, restaurants, parks, and museums.

Other changes that seniors may see in the future are more options for living with pets, living in group homes, and living with no-contract rent. Seniors may also find more shared community spaces, like cafes and gardens, in their own communities.

How the Future of Senior Living Will Impact You

The future trends in senior care show that more senior living communities will pop-up for you to stay at, and these communities will likely be CCRCs. Today’s aging population will also likely join you at your future community, so senior isolation is likely to become a thing of the past.

The rise of technology is also expected to be integrated into senior living spaces, and you may find that your future home will feature a voice assistant to remind you of doctor’s appointments and when to take medications. New innovations in technology may also make it easier to call for help in cases of emergencies.

While the future of senior living is expected to change, today’s senior living communities are still excellent places to live. If you are an aging senior in today’s world, consider choosing a CCRC to customize how you age.

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