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Personal Training at Applewood Helps Residents Stay Fit & Flexible

May 2, 2023

man with personal trainer in gym

The senior health benefits of personal training offer a safe workout at any fitness level

Applewood’s Engaged LivingTM program benefits residents in multiple ways – residents can choose from many activities and events that promote wellness of mind, body, soul and spirituality.  Studies have also proved time and time again that people who move their bodies live longer and healthier lives – and it’s never too late to get started on a fitness routine. At Applewood, we make it easy for anyone—at any fitness level–to get started via our personal training program.

man with personal trainer in gym

Applewood Fitness Coordinator Michael Kubas, a certified personal trainer, has been working with resident Tom Graziano since December 2022. Mike specializes in fitness training for older adults and those recovering from injury. We caught up with them in Applewood’s Fitness Center to learn more about why Tom works with a personal trainer.

A health change inspires a North Carolina couple to move closer to family

Tom is an avid hiker and enjoys staying active year-round. He and his wife Kathy were happily retired in Ashville, NC, when Tom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in early 2022. The couple made the decision to relocate closer to some of their seven children in New Jersey and the northeast and move to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC).

During the months they were preparing their home for sale and relocation to New Jersey, favorite fitness activities–golf, Pilates and hiking–were understandably pushed to the back burner. When the Grazianos settled into Applewood in late 2022, one of Tom’s first priorities was to find the Fitness Center and meet with Mike to devise a one-on-one personal training regimen to weight train and work on balance-strengthening exercises. (Applewood’s Fitness Center includes a SmartBalance machine that measures balance and offers personalized exercises to strengthen any areas of weakness.)

Why working with a personal trainer is ideal for seniors

“Personal training offers residents security and personally-tailored fitness oversight during their workouts, especially if they have been away from the gym, are managing an injury or chronic disease or haven’t exercised before,” Mike notes.

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Unlike commercial fitness centers, which charge $45 to $65 for a 30-minute private session, Applewood personal training is included in the monthly service fee.

“Tom understands the holistic health benefits of working out, especially as he strengthens his body against any potential Parkinson’s disease symptoms,” Mike explains. “When creating his fitness protocol, I evaluated Tom’s workout history and created a customized resistance training program that he can also perform independently between sessions.”

A few month’s work reaps measurable health benefits

Tom’s program targets strengthening coordination and balance primarily through resistance training exercises. Tom trains with Mike for 30 minutes on Monday and Thursday and exercises independently three additional days/week. “Since training with Mike, I’ve already seen improvement in my daily energy levels and balance confidence,” Tom notes. With warmer temperatures here, Tom plans to explore more of Applewood’s 40-acre campus outdoor amenities, including outdoor fitness amenities including lighted walking and biking trails, Bike Exchange, bocce courts, driving range, putting green and croquet and shuffleboard courts.

man with personal trainer in gym

Health & Wellness amenities at Applewood

Personal training is open to any resident at any fitness level, especially beginners. Learn more about additional fitness & wellness amenities at Applewood and call 732-303-7416 to tour our senior living community and learn more about our full-service continuing care retirement community.