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The Silverbergs Thrive in Their Applewood Apartment Home

Apr 1, 2024


From Big House to Big Adventure

After living 23-years in a Jackson, NJ, active adult community, Jack and Marcia Silverberg began to experience signs that it was time for a fresh start. “Many of my male friends in the community passed away,” Jack recalls. “I even lost my weekly high/low poker game as a result.” The couple realized they were often from a generation before their newer neighbors.

Marcia had her own reasons for moving on. “Our home was quite large and I was tired of maintaining a big space we no longer needed,” she explains. Fortunately, the couple’s two children reside in Monmouth County, so the extra rooms in the house were unnecessary. “I was also ready to retire from the daily cooking, shopping and cleaning.”

Downsizing to more fun, less hassle

Marcia and Jack had no concerns about transitioning to an apartment and were happy to curate their future home with only their most loved furnishings.

“We love the outdoors and wanted an apartment that offered a patio and a place to sit and read,” Marcia says. “When they toured a 2BD/2BA Spruce floor plan, facing a wide expanse of manicured lawn, trees and a gazebo with seating, the Silverbergs agreed they had found their new home.

While searching for a senior living apartment, Jack performed a requisite test at every community he toured. “I counted the men,” he says with a laugh. “Some retirement communities have very few male residents, but at Applewood, there were plenty.”

 Jack says he and Marcia enjoy socializing and wanted to talk about his beloved sports teams with the guys. “I also plan to start a gentlemen’s competitive high/low poker game as well.”

Discovering new friends and re-discovering life passions

The Silverbergs didn’t know anyone when they moved in, but their Applewood Resident Ambassadors, Gladys and Spencer Halper, introduced them to their friends at the 2023 Applewood Senior Prom. Jack and Marcia wholeheartedly agreed they chose Applewood because of the community’s friendly feel and the residents’ openness to welcoming newcomers.


Marcia started a new weekly Mah-jongg group, takes group fitness classes, uses the treadmill in the Fitness Center and loves to borrow books from Applewood’s well-stocked library.

Best of all, the couple is closer to their children, grandchildren and first great-grandchild, who lives in Manhattan. “Just moving from Ocean County up to Monmouth County makes us feel closer to family and the city,” Marcia says.

The excitement of dining out and the ease of dining in

Fine dining enthusiasts, the Silverbergs enjoy trying new restaurants in the Freehold area with friends and family. But they also cherish dining at Applewood’s Bistro and formal Dining Room for meals. “Not only is the food consistently good, it’s also very affordable compared to dining at a restaurant,” Jack notes.



Before the couple headed to the Bistro for lunch, they offered future residents advice for choosing the right senior living community. “Make sure the community makes you feel welcomed and included,” explains Marcia. “Even if you’re fortunate to have family nearby, you are still joining a second family at your retirement community who you will see every day. That’s why choosing Applewood was an easy decision for us.”

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