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Happy 100th Birthday Peg Carlson!

April 5, 2021

Whether on the golf course, traveling or enjoying art, Peg Carlson has always made the most of everything in her life.
The resident of the House of the Good Shepherd retirement community recently celebrated her 100th birthday, and there has been plenty to celebrate.

In between her leisure activities, Carlson was a pretty savvy business person. For many years she worked for a car company as an accountant. She still has the excellent performance review she was presented with, recognizing her as the “Top Girl” in the company.

Carlson, who was born on a family apple farm in Chester as one of seven children (and where she earned 10 cents for every basket of apples or peaches she picked), was married to her husband Harry for 53 years. They lived for a long time in Randolph before retiring to Vero Beach, Fla. Carlson has been at The House for the past several years.

Into her 90s, Carlson enjoyed hosting Happy Hours every Friday in her Florida home. She also remained quite athletic. At her 96th birthday, she beat several of her nieces in a putting contest!

Carlson, known for her straight golf swing, and her husband, played the links a great deal, practically living on the golf course throughout their lives.

The two together also enjoyed gardening and travelling, including trips to Japan and China, where she walked the Great Wall.

Another passion of Carlson’s life was painting, which she enjoyed until her eyesight gave her trouble. In fact, The House started an Art Club as a result of her love of painting. Carlson would paint farm scenes, and also porcelain pieces, flowers on china (even entire sets of china), tea sets, Christmas ornaments, vases and more. Her family’s homes all have touches of Carlson’s work. In her own apartment, as you can imagine, it is filled with works that she painted.

Clearly, for Peg Carlson, life has been one beautiful painting.