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How Seniors Can Stay Active during Winter Months

A group of seniors playing a board game.

It’s not a secret that a sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for your health at any age. An active lifestyle can boost your energy level, aid in better sleep and even help you make friends. However, it’s difficult to stay active when it’s cold outside.

You don’t have to let winter slow you down, because there are plenty of ways to stay active indoors. Read these six tips on how to stay active in winter, plus one extra tip on how to make the most out of cold weather:

1. Find the right fitness center

The term “gymtimidation” is trending on the internet for a good reason: No matter your age, it’s intimidating to start a new fitness routine at the gym. If you’re unfamiliar with how to use the equipment, what exercises are best for your body or how to sign up for classes, a visit to a new gym is downright overwhelming. Finding a gym that offers new member orientations and sessions with a personal trainer can help you put together a fitness plan that works for you.

At The House of the Good Shepherd, we offer a variety of ways to stay active, so you never have to worry about feeling intimidated by improving your exercise routine. You’ll find group exercise classes and a tranquil fitness center just steps from your front door. Our team will even work with you one-on-one to tailor wellness programs to individual needs and goals.

2. Organize your home

One of our best tips on how to stay active in winter is to organize your home. You can get a good workout creating a capsule wardrobe for each season, sorting through a box of photos, reorganizing your linen closet, switching out traditional plastic hangers for space-saving velvet hangers, or creating a space for raincoats, boots and other soggy clothes, which are all great ways to get moving inside.

While you’re organizing your space just the way you like it, the team at our senior living community will take care of the little details with housekeeping services available on request. With our thoughtful services, you’ll have plenty of time to organize, exercise and everything else in between.

3. Try yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to stay active during the winter. Not only does it provide a variety of health benefits, it doesn’t require equipment that takes up a lot of space. You can customize yoga for the time of day and your energy level. Make your routine more energizing in the morning, restorative in the afternoon and calming during the evening.

At our senior living community, we offer a variety of ways to work yoga poses into your exercise routine. Residents can take stretch and flex classes, balance classes and even learn meditation and breathing techniques.

4. Spend time with your dog

You can use your dog’s super snout to work in a little physical activity for both you and your pup. Hide treats around your house for a scavenger hunt, create a living room obstacle course with a special snack at the finish line, or simply try to teach them a new trick. While you won’t come home to your dog doing the dishes, it’s fun to show off their skills to your friends and family.

When winter turns to spring, residents at our pet-friendly senior living community let their canine’s paws meet the green grass at our dog run. You can let your pal off the leash while you both get some sunshine and social time.

5. Play games

Our favorite tip on how to stay active in the winter is to have fun and play games! Whether it’s a classic like charades or something new like Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch, playing the right game is a great way to get physical activity and spend quality time with your friends and family.

At our senior living community, you’ll find a wealth of residents who are always ready for a friendly competition. Year-round, residents can play pool, bingo and take part in drum therapy, and during warmer months, they enjoy time on our private putting green or playing a game on our bocce ball court.

6. Go back to classic workout DVDs and VHS tapes

While there are a lot of fun, new ways to workout, there is nothing wrong with going back to classic workout DVDs and VHS tapes. You can pull out your favorites from your collection or put a modern twist on a past workout by searching for videos on the internet.

At Riverwalk Village, The House of the Good Shepherd, we like to keep the good times going! After you work up a sweat with a classic workout, go back in time with a happy hour. In January, our residents got together and kept it cool at our Happy Hour Time Warp: Back to the 50s. You can always relax after a good workout with other community events like Manicures and Mimosas, Movie Night at the Lodge, Wine and Cheese Socials, or musical entertainment in the lounge.

Extra tip: Give yourself time to relax

It’s important to stay active, but it’s equally important to get adequate rest. Winter is a wonderful time to find moments of quiet and peace. Whether you curl up with a good book and warm blanket on a snowy day, spend time sipping hot coffee with your friends, or blissfully paint a snowy landscape on canvas, giving yourself the gift of relaxation is always good for the mind, body and spirit.

Experience the Freedom to Live Fully at Riverwalk Village, The House of the Good Shepherd

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