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Applewood Resident Profile: Herb Robinson

Feb 14, 2024

Herb Robinson

A vibrant grandfather from Ocean County thrives on making new social connections, renewing prior fitness endeavors and enjoying delicious dining experiences at Applewood.

A Washington D.C. native and Viet Nam veteran ‘Herb’ Roland Robinson cherished the last 50 years in Ocean County, New Jersey, where he raised two children and built a successful sales and marketing career. Following his wife’s passing in 2018, Herb carefully navigated a new direction for his life.

Herb Robinson

“I’ve always been naturally social, so losing some friendships after becoming single hit me hard,” Herb reflects. “I understood I needed to actively seek social connections that brought me joy. Sitting alone at home wasn’t cutting it for me.”

Herb started exploring active retirement communities that offered vibrant opportunities for socializing and maintaining physical fitness. Being a former competitive athlete, he aimed to sustain his health and mobility as he grew older. With his children residing across the state, he searched from North Jersey to South Jersey for a community that resonated with him.

Finding the right home at the right time

“In 2021, I began collaborating with Matthew Mazzucca at Applewood, and he immediately grasped my perspective,” Herb recalls. “He never pressured me into making such a significant decision. When the time came to move, I had no hesitation and felt fully prepared to start my next chapter.”

Fortunately, the 2BD/2BA Juniper apartment that Herb liked underwent an update to offer a Signature model that eliminated one of the bedrooms to create a more spacious living area. “With my children nearby, I didn’t need a second bedroom and appreciated the expanded living and dining space,” Herb explains. He secured an apartment with the desired southern exposure and personalized it by selecting new flooring, cabinetry, paint colors and kitchen countertops.

Following the quick sale of his Toms River home, Herb moved to Applewood in June 2023. “One of my first stops was the Fitness Center, where I met Fitness & Wellness Coordinator Mike Kubas,” Herb shares. “We initiated a twice-weekly personal training program, which is included in my monthly fee and serves as a continuous source of motivation for me to prioritize exercise.” Herb is also excited to reignite his passion for golf and is actively looking for fellow residents to form a foursome with.

Enjoying delicious daily dining without driving or Uber Eats fees

Not much of a cook, Herb fully embraces the daily dining offerings in the Bistro or formal Dining Room. Often, he opts to take his meals back to his apartment to enjoy. “Jackie in the Bistro always has my morning omelet ready for me at 9:30 am,” Herb notes. “It’s that personalized touch that quickly made me feel right at home.”

Herb Robinson

Now that Herb is settled in, he’s also looking forward to traveling. “I postponed it for a while, but now I’m ready to explore the world.” He plans to start with cruising and let the ship dictate the journey. Being geographically closer to his grandchildren now, Herb looks forward to attending their sporting events, family birthdays and holiday gatherings more easily.

When asked for advice for those considering a retirement community, Herb advises, “Take your time making a decision, but don’t delay too much.” He adds, “Applewood is like a resort, offering a plethora of activities every day. Move in when you can fully embrace everything they offer and truly love every day of your retirement.”