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Applewood’s In–House Rehabilitation Department Helps Resident Regain Mobility and Balance

May 9, 2023

people stretching in rehab

Bill has physical therapy after knee replacement and participates in the Parkinson Wellness Recovery Program

After William (Bill) Seifert was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in 2021, his goal was to utilize every healthcare avenue to strengthen his body, remain independent and enjoy many more years with his wife, Janice. In 2022, Bill underwent right knee replacement surgery to counteract chronic pain and decreased mobility.

Once recovered and cleared by his orthopedist to begin physical therapy, Bill was able to take advantage of Applewood’s short-term outpatient Rehabilitation Department for physical therapy three times per week on-campus.

people stretching in rehab

“It was easy and convenient to access the PT Department and I looked forward to seeing the therapists,” Bill recalls. “I worked mostly with Megan Tkach, PT, and she was always smiling and telling me I could accomplish any goal I set my mind to.”

After completing two months of physical therapy for his knee, Bill noted that his overall balance had improved and he had regained the muscle strength and endurance to walk without any assistive device. It was time to move forward with therapy targeted to Parkinson’s disease.

“The clinical evidence for using regular exercise to lessen the physical symptoms of Parkinson’s is undeniable. We see residents’ walking speed, muscle strength, and overall flexibility steadily improve during the course of this program.”

Rhonda Johnson, SLP, Director of Rehabilitation at Applewood

people stretching in rehab

In November 2022, Bill started the Parkinson Wellness Recovery (PWR) program, a specialized one-on-one therapy that incorporates exercise repetition designed to strengthen a specific movement commonly weakened as the disease progresses that reduces function and mobility.

Today, he continues to participate in physical therapy, inspired by the overall improvement in his mobility and strength. “Feeling better and being more mobile allows me to enjoy more activities here at Applewood and live a better quality of life every day,” Bill remarks. “This proactive treatment offers benefits beyond my health—I also enjoy socializing with the terrific therapists and catching up with other residents receiving therapy. It’s a true team effort.”


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