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Paving the Way to a Stress-free Move to Applewood

Mar 1, 2024

people eating in dining hallpeople eating in dining hall

A move to Applewood marks an exciting step towards a vibrant new chapter in life. However, such a significant change can also bring about stress, especially as we grow older. To alleviate these concerns and help ensure a smooth transition, Applewood offers two programs for incoming residents. 

The first program is our Pre-Residency Orientation, initiated in 2023 by Jennifer Kohan, Director of Sales, and Samantha Scanlon, Resident Services Manager. This half-day session aims to welcome, inform, and support incoming residents preparing to move to Applewood. During orientation, department managers from Dining Services, Housekeeping, Fitness and Wellness, Security and the Wellness Center present the array of services available to residents.

Additionally, attendees hear from the President of the Residents Association, who discusses opportunities for leadership and camaraderie through involvement in the association’s standing committees. The Pre-Residency Orientation also allows new residents to connect with others embarking on the same journey and foster new friendships while they prepare to move to Applewood.

“An added benefit of our Orientation program is the opportunity for new residents to connect with others on the same exciting journey,” notes Jennifer Kohan, Director of Sales & Marketing. “It’s exciting to see new friendships formed even before move-in day.”

Moving in and going out

The second program, the Resident Ambassador Program, is designed to extend a warm welcome to the new residents within 48 hours of their arrival. Co-chaired by Bobbie Schneider and Yvonne Clark, the Resident Ambassador Program consists of 20 resident-volunteer ambassadors eager to assist the new residents. These ambassadors serve as guides, answering questions, extending invitations to dinners, club meetings and social events to help facilitate connections with fellow residents. 

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“We were new residents once also and know how much it helped to have a peer show us around and answer all of those little questions you have early on,” notes Bobbie Schneider, co-chair of the Applewood Welcome Committee and Ambassadors.

“We work with the sales and marketing team to match resident-volunteer ambassadors with new residents who perhaps come from the same geographic region or have similar interests, hobbies, or careers,” Yvonne explains. “Most importantly, we want newcomers to know they are a welcome addition to our wonderful Applewood family.”

Moving to a new home, particularly for seniors and their loved ones, can pose unique challenges. Applewood’s Pre-Residency Orientation and Resident Ambassador Program aim to alleviate concerns, ease the transition, and lay the groundwork for residents to live their best lives!