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Five Wellness Steps No Senior Should Skip This Autumn

Aug 30, 2022

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It is said that the change of seasons can positively stimulate the mind and body. Autumn is the season of change and an ideal time to refresh your focus on senior wellness. As we begin to change our wardrobes and bring out fall décor to decorate our homes, it’s a perfect time to pay extra attention to new ways to maximize health and wellness. We’ve outlined five distinctive action items to improve your physical and mental outlook that will extend throughout the year:

  1. Change-Up or Re-Start Your Exercise Routine

While much of the summer has been uncomfortably hot, the coming weeks will offer cooler mornings and evenings. Take advantage of the ideal weather and move your daily walk back outside again. Take in the beautiful fall landscape on a leisurely bike ride. Golf can be more enjoyable without the hot sun on your back. If you live in a retirement community like Applewood, hone your skills at our outdoor fitness amenities, including bocce, shuffleboard, driving range, putting green and croquet courts. Check with your doctor beforehand if you’re embarking on or re-starting any regular exercise program.

  1. Get the Flu Vaccine

Older adults and children are more susceptible to flu complications, so the sooner you get your shot this fall, the better. Flu vaccines are updated each season to optimally protect against the latest flu viruses. Also, immunity wanes over time. Annual vaccination helps to ensure the best possible protection against flu. In addition, ask your physician about the pneumonia vaccines and if you should get one. (The CDC confirmed there is no danger of receiving more than one vaccine at a time).

Note: In September, Applewood will offer free and convenient on-site flu vaccines to all residents and staff.

  1. Inventory Your Medications

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Autumn is a great time to inventory all of the medications in your home. Discard old prescriptions you are not using, especially antibiotics. Reorganize medications and take advantage of the variety of medication organizers available today. If you have any questions about a medication, bring it to your next doctor visit and discuss it with your healthcare provider. Check vitamins and over-the-counter medications for expiration dates and discard outdated bottles.

  1. Protect Against Falls

Falls are one of the most dangerous risks to seniors. Fall rainy days quickly lead to icy weather. Pull out your footwear with anti-slip soles to help keep you from slipping in any weather. Take advantage of the cooler days to walk outside to keep joints fluid and pliable. In the event of a fall, people who exercise may recover more quickly and experience less serious injury. Finally, make sure you’ve had an eye exam in 2022. The better you can see, the less likely you will experience an accident on foot or in the car.

Note: Applewood’s Fitness Center offers SmartBalance, a moderated balance measurement and improvement technology that helps seniors identify if they have a higher fall risk and custom-designed exercises to help strengthen these areas.

  1. Focus on Socializing

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Already, dusk is arriving earlier and earlier. Soon, it will be dark by 5 pm and going out can seem less appealing, however, it’s essential for older people to remain social. Socializing, learning, attending cultural events or just sharing a casual lunch can help offset the depression that can creep in during the shorter days of autumn and winter. Staying in touch using today’s technology is great, but there’s nothing like in-person human interaction.

Applewood’s exclusive Engaged Livinglifestyle makes socializing easy with a non-stop schedule of interactive experiences designed for people 62+.

Health is Wealth

Finally, focusing on wellness, including stress reduction, and disease prevention helps bolster your overall quality of life. Physical health is tied to emotional and mental health. A healthy retirement is achieved by staying engaged with hobbies and interests and staying connected to family and friends.

Older adults should be encouraged to focus on the good things in their lives, stay connected with people they love, and turn off the news from time to time to listen to music, read a book, or call to chat with a friend or family member.

Ready to Socialize, Play, Learn and Live More?

If you’re ready for a more active and social lifestyle (and saying goodbye to tiresome home upkeep), we invite you to visit Applewood to learn more about the continuing care retirement community (CCRC) experience. From spacious cottage-style homes to well-appointed studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments, we have the home to suit your needs today and tomorrow. Call 732-303-7416 to speak with one of our senior living experts to learn more.