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The Applewood Way –Team Member Goes Above and Beyond to Help Resident

Oct 18, 2022

Jody in shop holloween

Dining Services team member uses personal experience to help a diabetic resident in need

Jody in shop holloween

Jody Oakes works at the Applewood General Store helping residents and guests to purchase groceries, gifts, greeting cards and seasonal items.

The employees of Applewood are exemplary not only for their expertise and dedication, but also for their commitment to helping residents in any situation. Recently, Jody Oakes, a Dining Services team member in the General Store and the Bistro since 2019, had an opportunity to assist a resident with diabetes who was feeling unsteady after entering the store.

“My mother had type 2 diabetes, so I was aware of the symptoms of low blood sugar and able to act quickly,” Jody explains. “After seating the resident to prevent a possible fall, I helped check her blood sugar, which she managed on her phone, and saw that her number was dangerously low,” she recalls. She immediately offered the resident some orange juice, which she remembered helped her mother. Jody also chatted with the resident about community events to help calm her, rather than creating more stress by focusing on her medical issue.

She repeatedly asked if the resident would like her to call a nurse from Applewood’s on-site Wellness Center, but the resident declined. After resting and drinking the juice in the store, a retest of her blood sugar level showed the resident was stable again. Once Jody confirmed she was steady on her feet to walk, the appreciative resident returned to her home without further incident.

Jody in shop holloween

“I love getting to know the residents individually and providing a friendly and familiar face at the store every day,” Jody says. She knows residents’ favorite breads, fresh produce, snacks and ice cream flavors and keeps them readily available. When residents asked for more deli meats and fresh produce options, Jody presented their requests to her supervisor, and the additional items were added to the store inventory.

“When any Applewood employee can offer an extra helping hand to our residents, it makes us feel great about ourselves and our jobs. We naturally look out for each other, because this community is truly like a family,” Jody says.

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