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Newly Certified PWR!Moves® Instructors Introduce Parkinson’s-Focused Programming at Applewood

Jul 28, 2023

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Engaged Living™ Manager Courtney Paul and Fitness Coordinator Mike Kubas recently completed training to become certified PWR!Moves® instructors. This certification will enable Courtney and Mike to launch a new Parkinson’s disease-focused program designed to help minimize the loss of mobility and function often seen among people with Parkinson’s disease as part of Applewood’s Joyful Movements & MotionTM. Last week, an introduction to this first-of-its-kind program was presented to the residents of Applewood. 

This 30-minute class will accommodate both seated and standing ability levels. Participants will join in large expressive movements intertwined with muscular endurance actions to improve gait, balance and flexibility. Strengthening motor coordination, in addition to hand and grip strength, will be a primary focus.

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Parkinson’s disease clinical research found that consistent physical rehabilitation and exercise offers multiple benefits in managing the disease:

  • Increased efficacy of anti-parkinsonian medication
  • Improvement in motor skills
  • Stabilization and improvement of cognitive function
  • Enhancement of emotional well-being and lessening of depression symptoms

“This program for Applewood residents is designed to help rebuild functionality by channeling exercises that strengthen known areas of weakness,” explains Courtney. “The program’s goal is to equip residents to maximize their mobility and continue to enjoy a full and engaging life.”

Additionally, the class’s group dynamic helps to minimize the isolation often felt by people managing a significant chronic disease.

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Joyful Movements & MotionTM empowers independence

Joyful Movements & MotionTM was introduced in 2023 and designed to offer mind-body programming to those residents who are less engaged in regular physical activity. In addition to the Parkinson’s Disease-specific class, the program offers three additional classes:

  1. Joyful Movement
  2. Joyful Meditation
  3. Joyful Dance

Living Long and Living Vibrantly

Applewood’s personalized and curated lifestyle aims to meet the changing needs of every resident, including those who may be less involved in fitness and wellness activities. The collective goal is to encourage lifestyle participation among all residents, regardless of fitness, mobility or level of senior care. Learn more about Engaged LivingTM, offered exclusively at Applewood: https://fellowshiplifeinc.org/applewood/lifestyle/engaged-living/