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Ways to Improve Quality of Life After 65 – Create Your Best Life Now

Nov 23, 2023


Today, senior life expectancy and quality of life are higher than ever. With the right lifestyle choices, seniors will stay active and healthy long after they pass age 65, and you can join them by following a few simple guidelines.

Engage in Light Exercise

If you enjoyed an active lifestyle before turning 65, you can continue an active life after 65. For those who have never taken time for exercise, there is still time to start

Older adults need to remain as active as possible, and some easy ways to do so are daily walking, yoga, dancing, swimming and sports. A key to keeping up with any fitness routine is choosing activities you enjoy so that you look forward to doing them daily. It’s also important to note that a little movement can go a long way, and you don’t need to push yourself to perform heavy exercise that may come with injury risks.

Choose Healthy Meals

Eating healthy can lower your risk for many diseases, including diabetes and heart disease. Eating well can also give your body the energy it needs to stay active, and the importance of nutrition only grows as you age.

While there is much confusing information about which foods are or aren’t healthy, you can trust that fresh fruits and vegetables are always a good choice. Foods high in protein and low in excess fats, like beans and lean meats, are also good choices, especially for older adults. You should also remember that eating at least three healthy meals with a few small snacks is always better than eating just one or two less healthy meals a day.

Take Time to Socialize

Your quality of life after 65 can diminish if you become isolated or withdraw yourself from close friendships. To avoid this, always make time to meet with friends and family, and consider making new acquaintances by joining clubs or groups that interest you.

Many senior living communities, like Applewood, host events for residents to join, opening the door for frequent socialization. If you don’t live in a senior living community, visit a local library or sports club that hosts similar events, such as pickleball games, for individuals over 65.

Test Out a New Hobby

Although staying physically fit is crucial to healthy aging, staying mentally fit is just as important. Many older adults over 65 find that trying a new hobby or picking up an old one again makes them feel happier and more content because it gives them a sense of purpose.

If you aren’t sure what hobbies may be best for you, think back to a time when you wanted to try something new but never had the time. Some popular activities for seniors include learning an instrument, learning a foreign language, painting or making pottery, sewing, cooking and even dog training.

If you are looking to improve your quality of life after 65, consider joining a senior living community that encourages you to stay fit, gives you chances to make new friends and learn new things. At Applewood, you can have plenty of time to do all of these things and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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