Senior Living Community Testimonials

Residents share their experiences

Pines Village is a vibrant retirement community where you can live life to the fullest every day.

We have something for everyone — but don’t just take our word for it!

Check out what some of our residents have to say about why they chose Pines Village.

“No one is happier than me to be here!”
– Babe C.
Resident since 2013

“I haven’t even finished putting my apartment together and I am already involved in so many activities! It is hard to keep me still.”
– Carolyn G.
Resident since 2014

“One of the things we wanted to get away from was all the work involved in keeping up a house. Living here gives us more time to read, to do what we want to do.”
– Angie C.
Resident since 2010

“We looked at many places, although we didn’t just decide we were going to move here. We made many comparisons before we moved here, and this is the one, and we’re glad we chose it.”
– Charity R.
Resident since 2010

“We were looking for a comfortable, well run, financially sound organization. We felt like Pines Village has been a stable organization, it’s well run, management knows what they’re doing, and there’s no reason we should ever consider changing.”
– Glen & Evelyn H.
Residents since 2008