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5 Brain Exercises to Improve Memory

From a student cramming for an important test to a retiree looking for their car keys, we all have times when we want to increase our brain power Furthermore, with dementia rates steadily increasing, and an estimated 14 million adults aged 65 and above expected to be diagnosed by 2060, it is important to consider what actions can be taken to assist. There are numerous forms of memory-boosting exercises available, and when incorporated into a regular routine, they can significantly enhance memory retention and focus. 

Get physical

A great way to give your memory a workout is to, well, workout. According to recent studies, physical exercise can do more than just improve your weight, balance, muscle strength, and heart health. It can also improve your memory and thinking skills. Exercise promotes changes in the body that reduces insulin resistance and inflammation while encouraging production of growth factors, which are chemicals that affect the growth of new blood vessels in the brain and new brain cells.  

Make a list

Lists are for more than just the grocery store. Lists can be a great tool for memory training. And there are so many options for what your list can include. From the aforementioned grocery list to important dates, there’s no end to what you can choose. Studies have shown list-making and organizing can help older adults with recall. 

Learn something new

Mental dexterity is something that doesn’t have to go away. The more you practice learning, the better able your brain is to retain its ability to learn. Brain training is a good way to build and maintain cognitive skills, including memory. Whether it’s learning how to play a musical instrument, taking a cooking class, or joining a lecture series, there are plenty of ways to engage your interest. The key is to pick something that is challenging and complex enough to keep your focus. Make sure to sign up for a class or schedule a specific time to practice your new skill. After all, practice makes perfect! 

Play a game

If you’re looking for enjoyable mental exercises for memory, there are plenty of games that fit the bill. For a low-tech option, grab a book of sudoku puzzles or test your knowledge with the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. For the more tech-savvy, there are numerous apps for tablets and smart phones that offer a variety of mind exercises for memory. Lumosity, which is free in the iOS Store and Android Play store, has been around for 14 years and offers 50+ games. 

Sleep on it

While sleep sounds like the opposite of exercise, it’s still important for mind improvement. If you’re tired, it’s hard to pay attention. And if you can’t pay attention, it’s hard to retain information. When we sleep is also the time the brain moves information from temporary storage to long-term storage. 

Get mentally stimulated

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