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When Should I Move to a Life Plan Community?

A senior woman and a senior man stand next to each other drinking white wine

If you’re like most older adults, the idea of moving into senior living has probably crossed your mind. But how do you know when to make this change? Is now too early? Is it possible to wait too long? Moving to senior living is a big decision, and the right timing may be different for everyone, but for older adults considering a move to a Life Plan Community, the best age to move into independent living might be right now.

What Is a Life Plan Community?

Also called continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), Life Plan Communities are full-service senior living communities that offer an independent lifestyle and a continuum of care, which typically includes Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing. With higher levels of care on the same campus, residents know that, should their health needs change, they’ll have access to the care they need in the same community where they feel at home. Being able to seamlessly transition among the different levels of care means residents can avoid making a disruptive move to a different community during a health crisis. And spouses who need different levels of care can remain near each other, often only steps away.

Moving into Senior Living Sooner Rather than Later

Life Plan Communities offer a sound plan for the future, but with a host of perks and services, they’re also brimming with features that make them a smart choice now, when you’re active, independent and able to take full advantage of all they have to offer.

So to answer the question of when to move into a Life Plan Community, now might be the right time if you’re ready for:

Maintenance-Free Living

In a Life Plan Community, you’ll enjoy all the comforts of a pleasant, well-appointed residence, plus the charm of beautifully landscaped grounds without any of the hassle or responsibilities. With housekeeping, groundskeeping, snow removal and home maintenance taken care of, you have more time to pursue the activities you truly enjoy.

A Lifestyle that Supports Wellness

Making healthy lifestyle choices is one of the best things you can do to support successful aging, and in a Life Plan Community, making those choices is easy. According to the Age Well Study, older adults in Life Plan Communities enjoy greater emotional, social, physical, intellectual and vocational wellness than their counterparts in the community at large. They also report more healthy behaviors — probably because opportunities that support health are an integral part of community life.  Fitness classes, a fitness center, a pool and walking trails encourage the physical activity that’s so important to maintaining health and independence. Multiple dining venues serving fresh, seasonal meals promote healthy eating — and give you the chance to leave the cooking to someone else.

A Community of Friends

Retirement, the loss of friends, and an empty nest can leave older adults vulnerable to social isolation, which is associated with a number of health risks, including an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, dementia, depression, anxiety and premature death. The antidote to isolation is community. In a longitudinal study that spanned 80 years, participants flourished when they felt a strong connection with family, friends and community. In a Life Plan Community, you have ample opportunity to connect with new friends through social events, interest groups, lifelong learning classes, over a game of billiards or in the art studio.

Protection from the Rising Cost of Health Care

In addition to having priority access to higher levels of care, people who move to a Life Plan Community when they’re active and independent can lock in predictable fees that are lower than market rates. With health care costs continuing to rise, this could add up to significant savings. The catch, though, is that you must move in when you’re healthy enough to qualify for independent living.

A Life Plan Community in Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Located on a picturesque, 72-acre wooded campus, Fellowship Village is a vibrant Life Plan Community offering a multitude of amenities and services, including a state-of-the-art fitness center and an on-campus Sieminski Theater. Spacious residences provide a private haven, while Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation offer a continuum of care, if the need should arise. Contact us to find out more about our dynamic community or to schedule a visit.